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AnyWare is the key to streamline all your
cloud technology and business needs

Offering a variety of services from migration to 24/7 IT support, unlock the full power of the cloud through our highly-encrypted and secure virtual platform.

Premium security

Securely access your corporate resources on any device, anywhere and anytime. Our security system is holistically designed with infrastructure system hardening, zero trust framework, and walled garden strategy.

  • Data loss prevention measures
  • Microsegmentation
  • Advanced encryption
  • Multi-factor authentication
Premium Security
Extensive IT Support

Extensive IT support

Leverage our remote support team to manage all cloud infrastructure components on your organization's cloud office environment.

  • 24/7 virtual service desk
  • User support portal
  • Instant response
  • Reduction of IT on-premises equipment

Cloud migration

Migrate with ease utilizing our rapid infrastructure deployment. We reduce the complexity of the migration process and smoothly transition your operations.

  • Pre and post migration assessment
  • Integration and synchronization
  • Rapid deployment
Cloud migration
Hybrid workforce

Hybrid workforce approach

Optimize your productivity and collaborate efficiently with your team and third parties without geographic constraints.

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementation
  • Secure remote work enablement

Productivity tools

Integrate seamlessly with our full suite of supported third-party cloud and collaborative applications.

  • Microsoft 365 applications
  • 2,000+ supported third party applications
Productivity tools

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