AnyWare's Privacy Policy


AnyWare Cloud Services, heretofore referred as “AnyWare”, respects your personal privacy and is committed to maintaining your trust and confidence. We believe in ensuring the security of your personal information. Please take time to read this policy and contact us for your questions and concerns. AnyWare’s privacy policy is subject to change without notice. AnyWare’s materials and website use are under the presumption of the website user reading and agreeing to AnyWare’s privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information

AnyWare will ask you for information that personally identifies you, heretofore referred as “Personal Information”, or allows AnyWare to contact you. Personal Information collected by AnyWare is limited to the form fields that require user input on and (subject to change without notice). AnyWare requests Personal Information when users sign up for AnyWare through on the “Get Started” page and when the user is submitting inquiries through’s “Contact Us” page. Further collection of Personal Information is collected within through its various services solely for the service agreement between AnyWare and registered clients. utilizes Google Analytics to record visitors to to generate page-visit metrics. This information is used to construct multimedia advertising campaigns solely for AnyWare. No additional information with regards to said metrics is collected by AnyWare adheres to Google Analytic’s privacy policy as part of Google Analytic’s Terms of Service agreement for use of Google Analytic’s services. For Google Analytic’s privacy policy, please visit here:

For the purposes of online payment, AnyWare utilizes Stripe ( which collects Personal Information that includes names, addresses, and phone numbers. For Stripe’s privacy policy, please visit here:

Use of Personal Information

AnyWare uses Personal Information for the following:

Sharing of Personal Information

Personal Information explicitly collected by AnyWare is not shared with a 3rd party. Personal Information cannot be requested from AnyWare by 3rd parties outside the necessity for payment processing (such as billing information and know-your-customer protocols).

Security of Personal Information

AnyWare values the security of Personal Information as a core tenant of its business practices. Personal Information is stored securely in a closed environment with limited internal access. AnyWare adopts security practices to multinational enterprise standards. Security audits are done frequently to ensure the security of information managed by AnyWare.

Access of Personal Information

AnyWare’s access to Personal Information is limited to those with discrete security permissions for the purposes of executing agreed upon services between AnyWare and its clients. Clients of AnyWare may request their Personal Information stored with AnyWare and associated 3rd parties such as Stripe and Microsoft. Clients who have Personal Information stored within AnyWare may retrieve Personal Information by sending a request through or through


What are Cookies?

Cookies are ephemeral data stored on devices that support cookies. The data is represented in plaintext and can be created, modified, and destroyed by applications. They are meant to enhance user experience in applications such as remembering user preferences, language settings, pre-filling form fields, etc. In short, cookies are short-term persistent data that reside on user devices to personalize user experience.

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AnyWare and Cookie Use does not explicitly create, modify, or destroy cookies. uses Google Analytics to analyze anonymous visitors to AnyWare, which does create, modify, and destroy cookies for the purposes of analytics. In other words, AnyWare does not employ the use of cookies in its foundations but a 3rd party, Google Analytics, does. AnyWare takes no further action with the cookies maintained by Google Analytics.

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Opting In and Out of Cookies on your Device

Visitors to AnyWare reserve the right to opt in or out of the use of non-essential cookies on AnyWare. To cease the use of cookies, AnyWare will create an essential, anonymous cookie to remember this request. Click here to opt out of cookie use.

General Inquiry

If you have any questions regarding AnyWare’s privacy policy, please contact us at