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A user can connect to AnyWare from any device running Windows 7 and above and macOS X 10.8.1 and above.

For standard features, minimum speed required is 38 KBps, this is equivalent to a 33.6k modem.

For video features, minimum speed required is 512 KBps.

Our team will guide you through setting up your virtual organization on our easy-to-use portal.


Your data centers will be determined based on your location to ensure that the service is as fast and reliable as possible, with the closest data center being utilized. As a result, you can expect both the speed and reliability of your service. For other arrangements, please contact us.

AnyWare will keep your business up and running at all times. We ensure minimal downtime and lasting performance.

We can arrange data migration according to your system requirements and physical location. Contact one of our representatives for more details.

Our file access protocol is built on security and confidentiality - we keep your organization's files private and no one outside of your organization has access to them. You control who has viewing privileges so you can be rest assured that your sensitive data is protected.

Migration and Backups


Everything associated with your domain will continue working as usual.

AnyWare experts will handle your Microsoft suite as part of your AnyWare experience.

We will fully handle your account transfer and incorporate your subscription and merge it into a monthly bill through AnyWare. Along with Microsoft Office 365, we include working with your provider to port over your existing licenses to prevent you from having to transfer any data or lose access to your accounts with no additional cost.

With AnyWare, you can have peace of mind knowing that your workload is protected from failures. Our high availability and disaster recovery features protect your data and prevent data loss to continue doing what you do best.

Yes! All your existing emails can be migrated to AnyWare.

Security and Compliance

With AnyWare, you can handle your organization's email like a pro.

AnyWare allows your organization to fully customize data protection policies based on their security requirements.

AnyWare was built with security as its main concern. AnyWare's engineers come with experience in the global financial industry, keeping systems secure from intrusion and data loss.

AnyWare is designed to allow users to run their business with enterprise-grade solutions without the limitations of a closed-network in an office. With AnyWare, your organization's data remains secure in your organization's dedicated server network in the cloud and accessible only by those within your organization.

Yes. The fees for data breach of 1-year and SLA breach of 1-month are reimbursed. You may refer to the sales contract if the terms have been adjusted.

Applications and User Experience

AnyWare can run anything out of the box! You can even white/blacklist applications within AnyWare.

Mulitple monitors and extended desktops are supported.

4K resolution is supported by up to 4 monitors. If more monitors are required, we can support up to 8 at HD resolution (1080p). We recommend that for more than 3 monitors that the session use the upgraded 8 CPU / 32 GB RAM configuration, due to the extra processing power required for more monitors.

Yes, this is fully adjustable. However, end-users are to be mindful that iPhones allow screenshots regardless of the application.

Yes, you can customize access to the web inside AnyWare.

Yes. AnyWare is available on mobile via Microsoft applications (Teams, Outlook) which offer the same data security and protection as the desktop versions.

AnyWare handles updates for your virtual environments and applications.

Yes. Single Sign-on (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication are enabled by default

For specific applications such as legacy internal applications, your migration team or IT engineers will have to check on a case-by-case basis.


Yes. Free trials for AnyWare are available. Click Contact, fill in the form, and a solutions consultant will connect with you shortly.

With AnyWare, you only pay for the types of features you seek. Head over to our Pricing Page or contact our solutions consultants for more details.

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