Bringing AnyWare and AWS together

In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we deliver a fully architected cloud office solution, combining industry-leading data security measures and cloud management capabilities.

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AnyWare AWS partnership


Our unique partnership

AnyWare and AWS share a determined focus to help enterprises reduce costs and securely innovate faster in the cloud. Together, our all-in-one optimized cloud solution delivers a reliable, scalable, and efficient platform that allows you to drive innovation by simplifying the path to the digital workspace.

AWS and AnyWare unique partnership


Harnessing AWS backbone

Hailed as a globally trusted leader and partner, AWS is optimized for modern cloud and on-premises environments. It fuels the rapid deployment of data-centric applications and accelerates cloud adoption by combining enterprise-grade data integration.

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Maximize your work productivity with AnyWare and AWS

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Functional scalability

Offering a scalable infrastructure, AnyWare and Amazon WorkSpaces adjust resources based on your business's demands, improving operational efficiency.

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Cost optimization

Employing the flexible pay-as-you-go model, AnyWare simplifies IT management and utilizes Amazon WorkSpaces, enabling your business to reduce maintenance and optimization costs.

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Heightened security

Setting up secure and private clouds for your organization, AnyWare uses security features with Amazon WorkSpaces, including multi-factor authentication, advanced networking practices, and sequestered servers.


Flexible deployment

Empowering organizations to centrally manage a global deployment of virtual desktops from their console, Amazon WorkSpaces enables businesses to deliver more value.

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